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Increase profits with an add-on to your generator installs.

Have you struggled to get propane tanks when you need

them for generator installs? Purchase them directly from the manufacturer with bulk discounts to mark them up 20% or more for your retail customers. 

573-259-9067 |

Cheaper than tanks from the East or West Coast

250 to 1,000 gallons in size

American-made in the Midwest

Best valves and gauges in the industry

Free delivery within 500 miles

Wholesale prices

Mark up by 20%, you keep the profits

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What sets our propane tanks apart from others: 

  • American-Made Propane Tanks

  • Industry’s Best Components: Rego valves and Squibb Taylor gauges

  • ASME Certified

  • Vacuum purged 

  • Safest tanks on the market: All valves are secured under the dome for added safety and security

  • We deliver to your location and unload them!

Contact Brittani Sanford for more information.

417-288-4979 |
Green LP, LLC.
287 E. Evergreen Rd.

Strafford, Mo, 65757 USA
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