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Wholesale Propane Tank Refurbishing

Get your tanks refurbished and ready to set! JRM refurbishes wholesale batches of tanks. We even have tank tracking software so you'll know exactly where your tanks are in the process of being refurbished. Click the button below for an estimate.

Track your tanks

Use our custom software to track the progress of your tanks. This is an industry first  -  know exactly where we are in the refurbishing process at all times.

Competitive pricing

We offer multiple pricing options. Call for more information.

Pickup and delivery

We have our very own pickup and delivery service. Let our staff pick up your tanks and deliver them back to you once they are in top condition.

Quick Turnaround

We have quick-turnaround options. Give us a call and we'll work with you and your timing needs!


Refurbishing Propane Tanks

Add value to your tanks.

This requires expert methods and careful handiwork. Our employees have developed a tried-true technique that works every time, and we’ll walk you through the entire process. In terms of timeline, it will take 1 business day, so please plan accordingly. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to consult with a service rep. 

Please note—we do not refurbish single tanks. We only accept wholesale batches of tanks for refurbishing. 

ron powdering.jpg

Electrostatic Powder coating

Professional coatings performed in house

Our tanks are powder coated and immediately cured by going through our industrial oven. 

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Quality Assessment

All tanks inspected on the line

Providing a quality product is our top priority. From start to finish each tank produced in house at JRM.

A stack of 500 gallon propane tanks

Valving and testing

Each tank is valved & tested before delivery

We install new Rego components in every tank. All tank valves & fittings are shrink wrapped before they come off the line to ensure your tanks are safe & ready for service.

The Refurbishing Process

  • Assign barcode

  • Sand blast to a white metal finish

  • Primed and painted with Polyurethane Enamel

  • Clean data plate and protect with clearcoat

  • New Rego valves installed (available for additional cost)

  • Pressure tested

  • Methanol added

  • Purged of air

  • Quality control inspected

Delivery and pick-up available. Please contact for a free freight quote.

powdercoat tank.jpg

Why buy new, when you can have us Re-new?

At James River Manufacturing, we understand tanks are a huge asset to your company. Refurbishing your tanks to ensure a lifetime of use is critical to the bottom line. As a dedicated propane facility, we purge, sandblast, primer, paint, and re-valve propane tanks. James River Manufacturing uses only top quality parts, primer and paint.

Protect your assets while building your brand

Increase your professionalism

Invest wisely in your company

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