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Wholesale propane tanks made in the U.S.A.

JRM manufactures new 250, 320, 500, and 1000-gallon above-ground propane tanks and bobtail tanks. We sell tanks by the truckload and do not deliver single tanks. Each tank is blasted, powder coated, baked, valved with new Rego components, and vacuum tested.

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The details

  • We do not deliver single tanks, only full semi-loads

  • The first 500 miles of shipping is free! 

  • Tanks are manufactured in-house from scratch

  • Each tank comes with a warranty 

  • Centrally located in Strafford, Missouri 

  • Lead times for residential tanks: 1-4 weeks 

  • Lead times for bobtail tanks: 3-6 weeks 

How many tanks are in a full semi-load?

  • 1000 gallon: 15

  • 500 gallon: 29

  • 320 gallon: 43

  • 250 gallon: 51

  • We also offer mixed-load options

Wholesale new tanks pricing estimates

  • 1000 gallon AG tanks: $3799.00

  • 500 gallon AG tanks: $2199.00  

  • 320 gallon AG tanks: $1550

  • 250 gallon AG tanks: $1210

  • Bobtail tanks: starting at  $28,999

single propane tank.png

Looking to purchase a single tank?

We don’t deliver single tanks, but we do sell them. If you want to buy less than a truck load, check out our retail pricing.

bobtail finished4.jpg

Interested in bobtail tanks?

Our bobtail tank sizes include 3000 gallons, 3200 gallons, and  3499 gallons. Custom configurations are available.

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Our process


Raw plate rolling 

Propane tanks start as a flat sheet of plate steel. It enters the plate roller to be formed into a barrel.



After a tank has been manufactured, it gets cleaned and sand blasted.


Design & manufacturing

Once we have a round shell, there are various steps, tests, inspections, and processes before blasting.


Finished tanks

Once a tank is prepped, it is then powder coated with a customized high-end powder paint, good for 5 years.

Let’s get started!

Fill out the form to request a quote, and someone will be in touch in 1-2 business days. Have more questions? Give us a call at 417-288-4979

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